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Focus on the answers

Vaya is the feedback and data acquisition service.

Focus on the things that really matter, the voice of your customers and employees. We take care of the pesky problem of finding participants, our acquisition services gather the data for you, in as broad or fine a demographic as you need.

Interested in how women, 24-35, living in California with an interest in cars feel about your service? Done. Or men, 35-55, living in England with an interest in Rugby? Done.

How about your employees? Done. Your competitors' emloyees? Done.

Segment from gender, age, location, interests, occupation, employer, if the weather is sunny and almost anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless and we do all the heavy lifting.

This is how it works. Take at look at a couple of examples: how consumers in Germany feel about the big crowdsourced delivery players or how we all feel about the future of diesel cars.

Employee Experience

Create evangelists

Employees are the heart of every business: building products, delivering services, and engaging with your customers. They are the creators and ambassadors of a business. The key to a successful business are satisfied clients, and their experience directly depends on the satisfaction and well-being of your employees. It goes without saying that happy employees go hand in hand with high productivity.

Positive engagement with employees also has a direct influence on employee retention. As well as enabling effective allocation of resources otherwise required for employee turnover, it can help foster company culture. Finally, a reputation as a good employer will aid recruitment by attracting new talent. allows our customers to measure Employee Experience in real time with configurable segmentation giving our customers the insights they need to make better decisions.

Key measurements:

  • Employee Experience Index
  • Company Health Index

    Because nuance matters

    Brand is perceived through experiences, multi dimensional 360° experiences.

    Measuring brand requires tools that understand complexity and context. Ultimately a brand is what your stakeholder says it is, not you.

    Brand is an evolving, circular two step process rotating between two states: desire and perception.

    Desire: How we wish to be thought of by others.

    Perception: How we are thought of by others.

    Between the cracks of desire-perception and perception-desire is measurement.

    The Brand Development product is designed to measure both desire and perception with feedback stories designed by experts in the field.

    Key measurements:

  • Brand Perception Index
  • Brand Perception Change Index

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    We turn sentiment into hard data.

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