once upon a byte

A kinda nerdy story about data
June 2014

the beginning of everything

Our story starts in an airport, Franz Josef airport, close to the city of Munich. Armed with only a couple of MacBook Pros the sensation.io founders boarded a flight to Palermo to begin their story.

The time for conversations and planning was over. Over the next three weeks, from an apartment with a view of the Mediterrenean within shouting distance of the meeting point for the off-shift garbage-truck workers they would work day and night on the very first version of what would become sensation.io.

The core of what they built in Italy still sits at the core of the platform. Over time everything changes and the SIO story is no exception. What remains the same is the idea, the intention, the mission of the company.

Create better tools for human expression and down the road you may just get better humans beings. Change the world by making it one fractionally improved person at a time.

March 2015

lone star

Our original goal was to build a direct to consumer app and launch at SXSW. The timescales were tight but we managed get through the App Store approval process in the nick of time. We arrived in Austin full of excitement, ready to tell our story.

SXSW Interactive is a melting pot of investors, startups, brands, agencies, developers and media. For two days the team pitched their app to anyone who would listen. A pattern emerged. Brands and agencies were fascinated with the possible applications for business. The noise became so loud that after a night of soul searching we decided to withdraw our app from the App Store and pivot to a b2b company.

A week later, at home in Munich, we began carefully planning all the software infrastructure required to offer the service direct to the business community.

July 2016


Marco Pierre White, the first English chef and the youngest to win three Michelin stars, when asked how he acheived that distinction answered "perfection, as it turns out is simply a lot of little thongs done very well".

For us, perfection meant creating services to answer three questions:

1. How do people feel?

2. Why do they feel that way?

3. What actions should be taken based on that data?

By the summer of 2016 the platform could comfortably answer the first two questions through a set of tools for frictionless expression. A UI paradigm designed to make a participant pause, blink just long enough to elicit a moment of critical thinking - because that's where the value of the sensation.io data comes from.

An early version of Emotion Analytics was being tested by our friends at SAP Hybris and we began to think about answering the third question. Over the next few weeks we began to conceptualise and prototype what would become the answer, Actionable Insights.

October 2016


Jose Saramago's Blindness is a story of a woman who has retained her sight when everyone else has gone blind. It's a powerful story of isolation and a lesson in the value of perspective.

For us, our Actionable Insights are the computational representation of perspective. They are a lens into a world of emotions and anayltics that make decision making based on user sentiment possible.

After two-something years of development we were ready to call all that blood sweat and tears, lines of code, a minimum viable product. We were ready to go out into the world.


come with us

We continue to innovate the sensation.io platform, building more expression tools, figuring new ways to process data.

But today we also spend a lot of time building discrete products that leverage the power of the platform, applications that answer fundamental business questions in areas as diverse as HR and consumer behaviour.

We're growing our partner network, our R&D capability and our customers.

Drop us a note at [email protected] and let's start a conversation.