Listen, Measure, Act

Feedback Stories is the next evolutionary step of feedback, a suite of components designed to provoke the participant to think about the question in front of them while being fun to use and conversational.

We call them Feedback Stories.

Difficult Questions

How do we improve our corporate reputation? What can we do to avoid employee burn out? Will consumers buy diesel cars in the future and why? Are we considered to be a good corporate citizen? How loyal are my customers? Why do my employees not advocate working for my company?

The list of difficult-to-answer questions is as long as a Leonard Cohen song.

Everything comes together with Emotion Analytics, a built from-the-ground-up analytics engine and dashboard to make sense of all that qualitative data you've gathered. Data can be aggregated and segmented by the attributes that are important to you.

For the user, the experience is a little like the TV show 24, Insights occur in real time.


Two Paths

We have two products, SIO Vaya and SIO Enterprise.

SIO Vaya is a turnkey Feedback Story service, we take care of the hosting and find participants for you allowing you to focus on the data.

SIO Enterprise is our big feedback machine that does everything. It's wildly extensible and ships with plugins for every channel, iOT integrations, apps and a fully elaborated API.


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