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Perfect Moments

A successful feedback campaign rests on asking the right questions at the right time.

It's a balance between not irritating your stakeholder and finding that perfect moment when the experience you've provided them with is still fresh in their mind.

The sensation.io platform is designed to do just that.

Campaigns are distributed to your stakeholder, employee or customer, through which ever channel they're using, at the perfect moment.

Ask us about our pre-built solutions for measuring Employee Experience, Employee Wellbeing, Customer Experience and Brand Development.


Native Apps

We've created lightweight plugins of our Feedback Story components for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

They're fully customisable and easy to integrate in 3rd party apps with a few lines of code.



A Javascript plugin for our Feedback Story components takes care of your web requirements or we can host it for you using the same engine we use for our web only product Vaya.

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Our iPad app, Incog is built to turn an iPad into a feedback appliance.

Incog is perfect for capturing anonymous, in-situ feedback from both customers and employees.


Internet of Things

Our native app plugins can be extended with easy to use integrations for bluetooth low energy beacons for endless location and proximity use cases.



We use our own API for everything, Emotion Analytics, Vaya, all the plugins.